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Project Design & Integration

Apex EV offers turnkey hardware, software, and service solutions to make EV deployment easy, cost-effective, and worry-free. We have staff and partners to handle design, engineering, permitting, incentives, installation, commissioning, and even aftercare.

The integration of our chargers with our Apex EV UPG Pay Kiosk not only creates the charging network, but it also simplifies the charging experience, allows information visibility to the site host and driver, and can even turn a parking lot into a revenue stream with our generous revenue sharing pay-per-use model of 10%-90% split.



Introducing Apex EV’s best-in-class level 2 charging station family. We offer our Apex Peak Lite residential and commercial models. Affordable yet powerful, multiple mounting options, Open ADR2.0b compliant, and generates about 25-30 miles per hour of charge.

We have our Apex Peak model for a little more output at 40 amps of current. For just a few dollars more, get about 32-40 miles per hour of charge.

Our Apex Peak Fleet model that is the maximum level 2 output of 19.2 kW. For fleet vehicles, downtime equals loss of revenue, so Apex Fleet will get your vehicles back on the road 2.5x faster producing about 65-75 miles per hour of charge, and at about 1/10th the cost of a Direct Current Fast Charger (DCFC).

We have the best solution for your site whether it be a single-family home, multifamily, commercial, municipal, retail, or any other property looking to join the electrified transportation movement.

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Reporting & Application Communications

Apex EV chargers and pay kiosk work on WiFi or cellular depending on the model you choose. This software network will be managed by Apex EV staff to ensure a worry-free experience. However, reports will be available to both corporate members who can see data on all kiosks within their portfolio, and building managers who will only have access to their specific kiosk located at their building.

Our site hosts will be able to manage drivers, accessibility to the chargers, the rate at which their drivers pay, and they’ll see consumption data, driver data, and other useful metrics.


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